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Do you like Hardcore games? Do you want to play a games with just you mouse? So this game is for you! In Rush you have to go to the Green Line at the end of the maze. It's easy? You have to defeat 40 levels with the better time! Good luck!

You can change the background color with the left and right arrow!

Current version : 1.3.0

If you want to discover some level create by other people, you can visit the Rush's website : https://www.bigaston.me/rush/

I've use the lvictorino's PICO-8 adaptation of the Bresenham algorithm under the MIT Licence https://github.com/lvictorino/pico8/blob/master/bresenham.p8 .

=== Desktop Version ===

If you want to play it on your computer, you can download the game on Itch.io : https://bigaston.itch.io/rush

=== Me ===

My name is Bigaston and I'm a young french game developper!

You can find me on other website :

On my Twitter, for news and information : https://twitter.com/Bigaston

On my Itch page, for all of my games : https://bigaston.itch.io/

On my (french) website, for other information : http://www.bigaston.me/

== EDIT ==

I've deleted all the medals because they are not working and I don't want/have the time to fix that, thanks for your comprehension!

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The bugged medals should either be fixed or removed.

Bigaston responds:

That's a good idea, I've deleted all of the medals!

Great game! The finisher medals do not seem to work for me however

Bigaston responds:

Yeah there is a wired bug :/ Sorry

the contrast hurts my eyes :(

I was confused on what exactly to do when the game started, but I somehow figured it out. Maybe a short instruction that you're suppose to hover your mouse over the green box and try to avoid the red lines would have been sufficient.

I had a lurking feeling that this game was going to be a "screamer" but thankfully that wasn't the case.

Very nice

So I played these types back in the day before and this was a really nice one that "BACKROUND" was kind of tricky but it was all good, a fun game you have here no changes needed, This one flows smoothly like a river stream, and keeps flowing with fun elements all through-out fun ideas and and entertaining concept, so you have grabbed my attention with this fine piece of fun. This Representation was great it had some very Acceptable and outstanding elements that made it an all around fun game and such.

a fun game you have here no changes needed


Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2018
10:28 AM EDT
  • PICO-8