Reviews for "Rush"

Not bad, but the color contrast could've been more distinct

Bigaston responds:

You can change the color background with the left and right arrow ^^

Simplicity will always be the key, good stuff.

Bigaston responds:

Thanks ! ^^

I used to play something similar when I was a kid (but on paper). A liked the mechanic and the 8-bit graphics (PICO-8 rocks!!!). Audio is not working. Looks like the same thing I've been seeing in other games: Google Chrome WebAudio.

Bigaston responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

For the audio, it's fix now!

This is a really good game works great with controls and movement but the fullscreen opens up than the mouse disappears and becomes unplayable so I just zommed in one browser while I played and nice job on taking out the right click!

Very nice

So I played these types back in the day before and this was a really nice one that "BACKROUND" was kind of tricky but it was all good, a fun game you have here no changes needed, This one flows smoothly like a river stream, and keeps flowing with fun elements all through-out fun ideas and and entertaining concept, so you have grabbed my attention with this fine piece of fun. This Representation was great it had some very Acceptable and outstanding elements that made it an all around fun game and such.

a fun game you have here no changes needed