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RACISTWATCH, Overwatch Fail!

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Been a while since uploading on NG. Hope yall like it!

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Over watch

Fucking, hilarious 😂

As a mexican I can say that the trump wall was a good laugh, however I can see how the video is decisive.
I know the point is the racist jokes. And im cool with all that, because its all for fun. However, I think the issue is that the racist jokes where less jokes and more insults.
Like the monkey thing was a bit over done, and wasnt really a joke but said more as an insult to the black dude( i fogot his name i dont play OW)

A good laugh I got was
mocking reaper
autism chick
Shut up sweden.
and the hat nub that was Mei.

I will add that the delivery of the jokes was a bit brash. again. racial humor is funny but it just didnt land in here all that much. Good stuff but the writting needs some work.

hope u still make stuff my dude


2018 me that watch this video on YouTube: Haha, funny
2020 me that's watchin this video on NG: Haha funny