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RACISTWATCH, Overwatch Fail!

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Been a while since uploading on NG. Hope yall like it!

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2018 me that watch this video on YouTube: Haha, funny
2020 me that's watchin this video on NG: Haha funny

One year after, and still holds up pretty well.

Animation is on point. the racism however feels more like punching down. It really does feel like all the different ethnicities are falling on their stereotypical swords for comic relief. I get how this can be funny if you're white and this'll fall on deaf ears if you're the large majority. but if you're one of the other racial minority ethnicities depicted, its just humor at their expense, and i've just never found that funny. it's a reason why it's called punching down. you won't piss off the majority, just maybe a few disgruntled colored people here and there. but that won't really affect your work or your decision to produce more work like this. ya get me? Its a cheap laugh, its easy, and a crowd pleaser for sure. but it's weak and a low-blow.

And if you're one of the ethnic minorities and think i'm making a big deal out of nothing: you're getting laughed at, not with. if i'm wrong, you'll be able to throw it right back in their faces for a laugh. but i don't think that will happen. but you're really talented. just a little tone deaf when it comes to racial humor. peace.

nice ass widow