Reviews for "RACISTWATCH, Overwatch Fail!"

Honestly though, why can no tell the difference between the Black Man and an Ape, sigh classic failures of laughter!!
HAHA Certainly FrontPage Worthy!
Throw him over the wall!! HAHA

Lmao this is funny xD Glad someone has a good sense of humor and not get butthurt like most people

I really enjoyed the early "Fail" videos but shit, this isn't even funny. I am a total advocate for racist and violent humor but even considering that, this was hard to watch. Boring as hell. The art and animation is exactly what you're known for...not exactly eye-candy. But that's a stylistic choice, so 2 stars for keeping the art and animation exactly where you want it, it's alright & the audio for this was quite nice too, really got the job done there. Onto the humor aspect...

The humor is not there. I was sort of amused with the Tracer scene for a minute, but even it sort of dragged on a bit too long, kinda ruined it. I don't know jack about Overwatch in the first place, but I could say that for the subjects of your other parodies, too, and they rocked.
I don't even know why the focus of an OW parody would be racism in the first place. Seems like an out of the left field choice there even if the cast is racially diverse. Unless maybe there's some hints of it in the game? Hell, I dunno.

I'd say steer away from video game parodies and work on building your comedic timing and such as that for a while. Maybe even experiment with different art styles, too if you're open to changing that up. I still hope to see more good stuff from you in the future, Gonzo.

Made me XD

distinctive style and a lot of nice shots. The animation is a bit lazy sometimes but when the writing and jokes are good, it doesn't matter... but that's exactly what this video is lacking unfortunately. I didn't even crack a smile once. This is just a depiction of stereotypes. Black guy monkey reference... Mexican over the wall... Swastika on chest... But none of it in the context of a good joke. It's clear you really need to work on your writing / jokes but i don't think that's gonna be easy if you believe this is what is funny.