Reviews for "RACISTWATCH, Overwatch Fail!"

love it, more please!

Look man, the art was good and some of the facial expressions were funny, but racism isn't funny if the punchline isn't at its own expense. You wrote an entire, otherwise colorful cast of characters off as idiots that the racist (and this is important: *least interesting character*) has to put up with. That isn't amusing, its tedious. Worse, it makes your earlier work appear less ironic and more cruel in hindsight.

It's fun to use comedy to poke sacred cows in the eye, but I really don't feel like that's what this is. I don't know what the joke is. It doesn't feel like the message is that Soldier is a dirtbag, or that it's absurd how racist he is. To the contrary: the message seems to be that the characters are reductive and that the racist straight-man (in the theater sense, not sexuality) really is just calling it how it is.

If that ISN'T what you intended...well, then maybe you should start from the message (instead of the gags) if you try to do something with "racism" again--which I advise you not to.

I don't think we need any more jokes that imply how disposable certain people are right now.

I had no idea Soldier was such a massive racist! I also felt pretty bad for Tracer when she got blown up there, but thankfully, she can just rewind and go back to being annoying, what a great inspiration! I liked the voice acting, the style and the absence of any real plot, it was fun to watch.

I don't really see anything I can offer feedback on, I like the style, the art is great, sound is good, although I think there was one blip in one line from Lucio where the quality went down a bit. But really, very solid, goofy humour and a fun experience, probably not for the whole family though.



You know what would be good?To REPLAY this!

Great, although now Blizzard will probably ban you for being too toxic to play their game lol! I see in the comments, oh this is just low brow. Unfortunately in this day in age this comedy is rare because of the sjw fun police and it was a welcome sight to see someone poke fun at all the characters ie racist white guy, the we wuz meme. Also, the whole makes off handed comment and people are like lol racist.