Reviews for "RACISTWATCH, Overwatch Fail!"

donatas081294 the censored one has bleeps in it where as on here on newgrounds it doesn't have the bleeps, if anything youtube is becoming a joke, I bet rap videos that use the N word don't get censored

Awesome, but how is this uncensored compared to censored version on youtube?

Wait...Dva is Korean not Japanese. Great animation though, so funny!

Dude, Epsio-Deluded..

Did you not realise that this animation is not only racist humour, but pretty much 100% satirical throughout almost the entire video. The "haha weak Japanese man blah, blah bullshit" is not about the fact the Genji is Japanese, it's a joke at the player-base who are constantly begging for heals.. It's practically become a meme at this point, and you claim to know what you're talking about because 'you've played the game'.

Again, with Symetra being a disabled autistic retard.. I would very much hazard a guess that he is referring to the people that play Sym because she requires little to no skill and mostly consists of holding down shoot; be it left click or the Right Trigger.

The Mei and D.va part I found rather entertaining, even with the overly stereotypical Japanese voice, and as for 'Mei blocking it with an ice wall instead', Bear in mind this is a satirical comedy, doing something that would be useful for a team in a game is not the point. This is playing on the fact that the majority of shitty Mei players will just panic and freeze themselves whenever they are threatened.

Soldier76 is your average toxic player who basically shit-talks everyone and is generally unfunny, but occasionally says some shit that you can't help but kinda smile at, despite not really liking the person. Not much more to add, maybe coulda been a bit more entertaining seeing as he was the main casting here.

However, I'll agree I wasn't a huge fan of the way Reaper was done in this, but I can see where they were trying to go with it and I'll let it slide; not much else to say on the matter.

All in all I found this very entertaining, the animation style was well utilized for comedic effect, I'm a sucker for dumb faces, hence why the D.va + Mei part was rather entertaining from my perspective and I think that people nowadays need to stop being offended by every little thing, and just accept that a joke is a joke, even if it may be an unfunny one.

~ 4/5 ~ Good Shit, Thoroughly Entertaining.

Not my best fap...