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The Slime Hunter

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Author Comments

Come join Sliq, as he ventures to be the best slime hunter around. What challenges with this ice elf face? How will he overcome them? There is only one way to find out..
You can control Sliq's movement by using the arrow keys or by using a mouse. NOTE: Sliq is not a magic user, so there is no need to select the Magic option, in battle. ***On the second map, when reaching the bottom, please click [ENTER]. I had forgot to make the transfer event touch, instead of action of action button.
Special Thanks
-Sandro Emmerich
- Minister Jay
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Northman Entertainment

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it is playable, but is simply a walking simulator. go from x to y, fight story battle and loose, go from z to a, win but enemy respawns, wander in b (maze) until rng spawns the required rare enemy. if the frostbite rat was in a set location with an overworld sprite, it wouldnt be an issue, but instead you wander around for hours for the combat and cant run from the grunts with no exp system to reward you. Combat system is also simply "spam action and win".

as a demo, it wouldnt be horrible, but needs a lot of expanding and QoL upgrades before i could recommend or even remember it exists.

The story is decent enough. Honestly it was the only thing keeping me playing. It's more of an interactive story than an actual game, because for most of it there's only the option of attacking with a single weapon and attack. It becomes a matter of simply spam-mashing the Z key during battles. The maze was also a HUGE buzzkill. I almost gave up on it, but I wanted to finish the game so I could leave a conclusive review.

You wasted your time and everyone else's by using this program to make this game, because not only can you interact with only enemies and like 2 other objects, but there is no real risk and very little reward, and on top of that the fighting mechanic was wasted since there are very little options to even work with. You seem to be decently talented enough. Use that talent to make something that's actually worth playing.

Been playing for an hour +/-..still...can't...find the freaking frostbite rat in the maze. Frustrated. Should I PRAY to make the random encounter miraculously happen?
Else than that, I have always liked your game style. Peace~

Are you serious? an efl who can't use any magic at all, but the magic option is still there. Or will other characters who are mages join the party later? If not, then why have it there? Not to mention that you can't get or buy any items, but the item option is in the menu for some reason too. Slimes are made out of water, but lightning doesn't work despite the fact that a lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun...yet normal fire can defeat them. Also, why aren't I getting any exp from defeating those rats at all? And fuck that maze, wandering around to trigger a random encounter is boring. And if the encounters aren't random, then exploring every single nook and cranny of this maze just to find all the rats makes it tedious. I saw the title of this game, thinking that it would be like the manga Goblin Hunter but with slimes instead only to get disappointed.

a total of 41 rats before I finished the maze I ran every nook and cranny 3 times before I found it, MAJOR boner kill, the ranger also says sliq's name wrong.

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2018
8:26 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 15, 2018