Reviews for "The Slime Hunter"

Ive been walking around this maze for 30 minutes and still haven't found whatever im supposed to kill for this pelt. You should probably put it in the maze as a set monster instead of a random encounter. i wouldnt mind so much if levels were a thing but if im going to stay lvl1 the entire time grinding isnt something i want to have to do.

Has potential, but it goes nowhere.
Random rat attacks cause no aid to the storyline.
Looked for like 5 to 10 minutes didnt find the pelt... I understand RemileOduen did though.

I recognice the 'worldbuilder' so you didnt script that much yourself then either. Spellings errors :/

Why not build it out with going to different seasons or planes where the need for different spells changes?

Could've been much better. Could've had a much better plot, with idea of turning slimes from a basic easiest enemy into a real threat, with more logical events, interesting dialogues and so on, Running through an empty labyrinth waiting for a necessary enemy to appear is boring.


Great work . I like the story , music is on point and also the graphics , everything is very polished and is too hard to find a game like this under judgment , i think you will have a lot of success with his game . Well done , keep up.