Reviews for "The Slime Hunter"

Great work . I like the story , music is on point and also the graphics , everything is very polished and is too hard to find a game like this under judgment , i think you will have a lot of success with his game . Well done , keep up.

Been playing for an hour +/-..still...can't...find the freaking frostbite rat in the maze. Frustrated. Should I PRAY to make the random encounter miraculously happen?
Else than that, I have always liked your game style. Peace~

Could've been much better. Could've had a much better plot, with idea of turning slimes from a basic easiest enemy into a real threat, with more logical events, interesting dialogues and so on, Running through an empty labyrinth waiting for a necessary enemy to appear is boring.

Sorry, the maze kills it.

a total of 41 rats before I finished the maze I ran every nook and cranny 3 times before I found it, MAJOR boner kill, the ranger also says sliq's name wrong.