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The spy who shot me™ - Demo

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Take the roll of super spy Agent7! As he fights against the evil S.C.U.M.

This game is in development.

***Game Last Updated - Wednesday 28th February 2018 ***
** v0.70 - Mouse/Keyboard framerate fixes
** v0.68c - Arcade version
** v0.67b - Fixed gun controls, auto-aim works now
** v0.66e - Window fits better, changed loading screen
** v0.66c - Fixed menus, game now fits on NG window
** v0.66a - Added mouse to menus, added fullscreen button

EXIT FULLSCREEN : Press ESC in-game.
UNLOCK MOUSE : Press ESC or L in-game.
BACKSPACE : Go back to menu.

On Steam->

Planned Features
-> Travel the globe,
-> Vehicle action,
-> Crazy Gadgets.
-> 8 Player online deathmatch,
-> Hordes of enemies to combat,
-> Unique run and gun gameplay,
-> Traditional Retro Army humor,
-> Lovely pointy polygons,

"There you are! I've been waiting... I want you to test out this new software we've developed. It's top secret mind you" - Mother

The links below are the latest builds of the game and run on Windows PC.

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Holy cow! Easily one of the most underated games on the website right now! Very nice choice to integrate the 60's theme into the goldeneye style! Interested to see how this develops!

this game is awesome

pretty fun take on golden eye but they just teleport in without warning making them get cheap shots knamen


so like bond