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Author Comments

Twin stick shooter inspired by old school 2D side scrolling space shooters

WASD - Movement
Q - Decrease move speed
E - Increase move speed
Mouse - Aim
M1 - Shoot
1, 2, 3 - Change weapons

UPDATE 2018-01-03:
Fixed controls messing up during gameplay. Removed Unity WebGL border.

UPDATE 2018-01-04:
Unfocus game when player clicks outside of game.
Make player ricochet weapon bounce off level 3 ship boss.
Make chains in level 1 kill player on touch and interact with terrain.

UPDATE 2018-01-08:
Remove big chains that come out of ground. Revert chains in level 1 to not killing player.

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This is one of the most fun free flight shooter / bullet hell games I have played.

The game is short with only three levels but they are well made.

I like how each level is unique and has it's own distinctive theme and it's own unique challenges.

Bosses are cool and get stronger progressively, that is really the most important thing in a flight shooter game.

I wonder why most reviewers complain about invisible objects. I encountered no such things. If the author fixed that then kudos for him, there are so few authors who fix their games. it's sad that once they do it most people do not check back to see it and reviews score remains low and the game doesn't get the recognition it deserves. This game is underappreciated surely.

Two things that I found missing and that prevented me from giving maximum score is lack of fullscreen and lack of crosshair cursor. Fullscreen is so easy to make in Unity games, almost all unity games have it so I wonder why it is ommited here. The standard windows cursor always looks ugly in games and breaks immersion, would have been better if it would be replaced with custom made crosshair.

I like the approach this author makes to his flight shooter games, I encourage to make more.

D espite the good music and Nostoliga , The controls kept messing up. THIS GAME sucks . I'm sorry but better control of the ship would have been better. it still gets ALL five of five Stars

The game felt great. One of the few games made on this game engine that worked for me. But I couldn't get past the beginning of the first level due to invisible obstacles. I tried many times to shoot the invisible obstacles to see them but even then i didn't have enough time to transverse around the invisible objects to see how big they were. And there are so many of them that I would be going around one and die on another one that i wasn't awear of. Honestly it's to much to be dodging bullets, dodging enemies, killing enemies, getting powerups, all while thinking about invisible objects that you can't tell how close you are to them.
Unfortunately... the invisible obstacles made the game unplayable for me.

first of all it makes no sense that you cannot come close to get in contact with a dying boss and that you cannot be destroyed at that moment

well.. it is a good game ? yes,it is. it's a gameof the centuary... not of course. entertaining but too repetitive good retro games but do not reinvent the genre

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2017
3:37 PM EST