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Reviews for "Kontrol"

D espite the good music and Nostoliga , The controls kept messing up. THIS GAME sucks . I'm sorry but better control of the ship would have been better. it still gets ALL five of five Stars

Upon first playing this game, I thought: "Huh, what a neat game." - Now I'm thinking: "Huh, what a rock-solid, pixelish sidescroll shoot-em-up this is!"

I really had a blast playing this, because - as already said - it is solid. It's a nice game, featuring a clever leveldesign, a challenging and broad variety of enemies and upgrades, which make you feel like your ship just decided to go full rambo.
It always feels - at least to me - rather fair than fiery, things never go completely out of hand and whenever I get hit I think "I could've dodged that" rather than "How the hell were I supposed to dodge that?". Especially the last level features a fair ammount of bullethell (the shurikans are just the worst, especially without powerups), but it keeps the challenge at bay, not too hard, not too soft.

My only concern is the lack of ... well, stages? Don't get me wrong, I like what we already have, however I feel liket there could be just more stages leves than the three starters.
Oh, and the hitboxes are a bit misplaced, at least the one of the ship. It seems to be a bit smaller than what is shown, and that can get confusing at first.
Also, upon spawning the first boss, I imediately got hit by it, because it just appears out of thin air directly in the center of the screen. I'd fix that.

Ant any rate: other than that, I have no complaints and believe that this game could even reach further with a bit more developement.

MarcusBoay responds:

Thanks for playing! I fixed the first boss bug.

Great game! Reminded me of all those old school shooters I used to play.

Well... I'm not good at these kinds of games... But this was a pretty well made game. The only problem I had was the first boss for me was unkillable. The shots (which I assume you hit the orange spots on the bosses midsection) go right through and don't hurt the boss at all. I got a few lucky hits and destroyed one of the three spots somehow, but 90% of the shots don't hit the hitbox. I'm pretty sure this has to be some sort of glitch as I was able to destroy one.

This does require a lot more focus than I can put into a game. But that's not a bad thing. This game just isn't for me, and I wish I was better at these kinds of games because this looks like a really great game that I would want to play all the way through. I wish there was an infinite lives cheat or something so I could play through to the end... But oh well.

I wanted to make it past the first level so I could review the rest of the game... But I could not.

A very well made game, my only concern is about the hidden objects that make you died instantly. It is a bit unfair, how can you fight something you can't see =
other than that this game is amazing !