Arc Infinitum 5

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Thanks to the VAs

KRISTYN MASS as Jane soto ( http://ohnobones.newgrounds.com )
MARISSA LENTI ( http://marissalenti.com )
Gianni Matragrano( http://sirundead.newgrounds.com )
Ani Delos ( http://animal-delos.newgrounds.com )
Jacob Anderson
Bindy ( http://bindy.newgrounds.com )
Animal Delos- Bertholt (*correction*)
Real Faction

Music by
Ghost in the Shell 2ng GIG OST- Yoko Kanno
Also thanks to my patreon supporters-


Great voice acting, but work on the volume levels. Each character feels unique and actually gives a sense of who they are just by being on screen. Good work.

Not bad. Great improvement in terms of colouring & lighting. Please improve the fluidity, & also in some scenes there's a lack of shadows.

Pretty awesome installment. I'm genuinely saddened to hear there may not be another. I was just getting into it. :(

I do have to say, some of the animation is a bit laggy and choppy -- or just not natural, such as the straightening fingers at some points. This looks like MMD though so I can understand.

Voice actors are also mixed a little strange. Distorts at some points.

However, as a whole, it transcends its parts, and the story overtakes any animation issues. Very nice work, all involved. There isn't a single point where it feels disingenuous, and that's an achievement.

Kel-chan responds:

If I do do another episode, it will be using 2d animation. I'm going to try a test on another series, if it works out well then maybe we can come back to this

Sure has been a while since the last installment! :) Happy to see the series back, and flashy as ever - even if the muzzle flashes look a bit faulty in their fragmented flickering. Animation's smooth overall, though still a bit unnatural motion sometimes, and some odd layers (like when she's reaching for that bomb in her jacket). It looks good though, colors and all. Wonder whatever happened to #4 though? Was there one? Was there supposed to be one? Been such a long time memory grows fragmented... but anywhoo, good to see this back in action again; looking forward the next piece!


Kel-chan responds:

It was there, just removed cuz of audio issues. Still on NG just locked, I have to reupload it. I dunno if I will. I'm kinda done with CG animation and maybe animation all together

Was this done in blender?

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4.03 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2017
12:35 AM EST