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Violent Shooting Spree

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After 4 months of creating this game.. my head hurts. It hurts lots. I now need to move on and make more. This game is 3 levels long. you play as josh bend and go after baconburgerclock and his friends. It's the best game i've ever made. It has similar game play as bear in the big blue house and time crysis. I am a big shoot 2 cc fan. This game has loads of weapons. LEVEL 3 is my favorite cuz you have so many weapons to choose from. there's limits... and right now i have to go somewhere. have fun playin my game!
1. Pistol
2. Shotgun
3. Flame Thrower
4. Rocket Launcher
z. Grenade
x. Knives

*UPDATED.. music fixed a bit.

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Not Bad

Ya tried your best and believe me most people can't even do something like this, and neither can i XD.

YoinK responds:

It's an old game... I could definitely make something more appealing these days.

linken park

dude the dieing part is cool its linken park in the end

haha these new age noobs are trashing your game

"DIE bedn" haha dont listen to these haters, I was on NG in 2002 and 2000. I know how it went back then, this is a good game for the time. nice, thanks for the nostalgic 2002 styles.

Piece of shit

This game is a pile of god damned crap, the graphics suck, the story is fucked up, you have unlimited ammo, just NO, it's so fucking gay.


that was pretty bad. the dude look gay, the graphics were bad, and sorry to say this but....... every thing was bad!