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Reviews for "Violent Shooting Spree"

too long

too long boring and repetitive

Ok i geuss

it was ok

Kinda boring, repetetive, etc...

Kinda repetetive, like a said before, as in, the bosses all had a pattern, so it was pretty easy, and also, what about the fact that on the fat bald boss you could stand out of the way of his bullets and not get hit, forcing you to stand behind the wall thing. If you were going to do that, you chouda given him an automatic or something, or made him move his arms, at least.

Not Bad...

It's a good game... i use flash alot and i'm not going to critize that... it was a good effort and i know things like that can take a long time!

Thanks for entertaining me ;)


Sorry for the low scores but there's flaws.

-No contunining. Difficultiy on level three is way hard. And dying one and you have to start way at the begining. Add at least 3 continues.
-Have the bullets randomly hit you from the other guys. Not always hit you. It seems I had to use my gernades a lot. And it seems the bosses are easier than the normal characters. If you don't know how to use randomness, I'll show you.

By following these suggestions, this game would of been better than "Shoot 2: CC".