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Reviews for "Violent Shooting Spree"

Piece of shit

This game is a pile of god damned crap, the graphics suck, the story is fucked up, you have unlimited ammo, just NO, it's so fucking gay.


that was pretty bad. the dude look gay, the graphics were bad, and sorry to say this but....... every thing was bad!

the controls

No, I don't animation the game play seemed flawed you could not take out a baddie with out taking damage but the clunky controls for the first boss fight were what really pissed me off, i tried to move left and it waited for me to get hit to star to move then walked me right into the next attack before i could stop and move right
that kind of thing is a game killing glitch.

YoinK responds:

the game is old... sorry

i didnt see a problem

it was actually fun to me moving around was a bitch but otherwise a good game was the intro song by rob zombie or riggs other band scum of the earth?-quest

YoinK responds:

Rob Zombie - Scum Of The Earth


i guess it was okay