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Reviews for "Violent Shooting Spree"


cool game, i think you said somthing about it in the bbs, ahh love the the fact that the #4 all time reviewer is making movies, good game, keep it up because these kinds of games are pretty fun, so make more sometime.

so bad its funny

waste of time... you niglected to mention that you can't animate very well.

This game sucks ass

here heres a spoon; now eat my ass. this game sucks so bad i cant believe i wasted ten minutes downloading this piece of shit

YoinK responds:

you obviously didn't play the game then. This is the best game i ever made! :P

A little easy...

But a solid game none the less. I personally didn't like the whole "shoot and move" part of the game, but I liked pretty much everything else. 5

too long

too long boring and repetitive