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Arise 2

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First "Steps"! 5 Points

Reach 200 meters!

Early Climber! 10 Points

Reach 500m!

Hazard Zone! 10 Points

Evade 10,000 spike blocks.

Jingle Bell! 10 Points

Bump into other birds 1,000 times!

Arrow time! 25 Points

Evade 100 bullets/arrows/bats using the time slowing bird!

Player 12 25 Points

Unlock all (default) player characters.

Sacrificer! 25 Points

Die 300 times.

Those With Wings... 25 Points

Reach 1,000m.

Arise 50 Points

Reach 2,500m!

Arise! 100 Points

Reach 10,000m!!!

Ascension! 100 Points

Reach 5,000m!

Stairway to The Stars! 100 Points

Jump 25,000 times!

Author Comments

Play the first game here!

Kindly consider checking out my Twitter account for my future games:

Music by Genclops:


Play with mouse or keyboard:
Left Right / A D ----- Move
Space ---------------- Jump, Restart

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Very tricky game

So this was a very tricky game you have here the walls are hard but guess thats the idea here with this game it was fun and I liked the game you have a nice game and the medals made it fun so nice game indeed, so really good energy with this game you have some nice ideas here

maybe even more medals would be nice


Love the game but certain (and difficult) medals did not work!

After attaining all the medals in the first Bird Hop game this was much easier, I got 2500m at first attempt with the basic bird which unlocked all the birds and then exceeding 10000m in the next day with multiple special birds.

Most obstacles from the first game are also here but some are changed. The crushers are substituted with red flying non-bird things. The good thing they are slower, less long or wide, which makes them easier to pass and thus makes higher climbs easier. The bad thing that it is impossible to understand what they are and that the crushers are removed completely, I think that some crushers should be left, just made very rare. They could start appearing only after 5000m and be very rare, like once or sometimes twice straight after each other for every 1000m, so that there would still be some hard places. The same can be said about spiked ceilings, some of them could have been left for the diversity of obstacles, just made more rare.

The best and most fun new obstacle is the other birds, unlike other obstacles they are not lethal, but they sure do have potential create a lot of chaos and confusion that can be dangerous, although sometimes it can play to players favor by triggering the shooters (which again can be either beneficial or bad depending on timing). The unpredictability and ambigiousness of these birds make them the most interesting thing to encounter on the climb up.

Still ,the best improvement over the first part is that the different unlockable birds (and a non-bird) are different not only by their looks, but also each has a different ability. Most abilities are a mixed blessing, sometimes useful and sometimes dangerous, which adds some more depth to the birds that have them. Some unlockable birds are stronger then the basic bird while others are more harder to play. It is mainly because of these different characters, that I rate this game a half-star higher then the first game.

I am not giving all 5 stars because of some minor issues. The first game had a small intro which told a small but still nice story, this game abandoned that. And also the custom bird selection does not work. And as I already mentioned I would have liked if all the traps from previous game made appearance in this sequel too an d game difficulty would be regulated by their rarity rather then absence. 4.5 stars is still a good score trough.

As I write this I am on approximately 150th attempt and have reached over 10000m with three different birds and one of these climbs is second best in global rankings. All medals are attained except the one where you must die 300 times. I will try to get over 10000 meters with as many different other birds as I can until hitting 300th attempt and getting the last medal and then it is time to put this game to rest.

Mantis1 responds:

Thank you for playing and writing this detailed review! :DDD

To clarify, all the birds are unlocked from the start of the game, that's because players weren't spending a lot of time playing the game (unlike the first game which was much more popular) .

I personally favor the first game because I have fonder memories when creating it and because I felt I was experimenting with it more. I also decided to retire this game series, though I'd like to put some references to Bird Hop in my future games. I'm currently making a game featuring the girl character (the last character in selection screen).

This is awesome, even better than the first one. The graphics are all revamped and pretty, and the music is kickass as always.

I like how, this time around, the different birds and characters you can get actually make a difference in the game's mechanics, with some of them being faster, others being able to double jump, others being able to survive hits, etcetera. That adds an extra degree of variation and possibilities that I really enjoy.

All the classic obstacles are there, including the blocks, the arrows, the lava, and this time there are also birds themselves, trying to climb with you, that stand in your way and bounce around. All that is so epic, and I'm sure there are many things I haven't even seen yet.

In the first game, seeing the leaderboards was easy, and in this game, there's apparently no option to do so. That's pretty much the only gripe I have with this game.

Mantis1 responds:

You can still see the Newgrounds leaderboards under the game window, next to the medals tab!

While seeing the leaderboards in-game would've been cool, it's too much work because the Newgrounds API doesn't come with that functionality in Unity (unlike flash), and my next game is a bigger priority!

Good but the music firstly hurt my ears.

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2016
8:10 PM EDT