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Reviews for "Arise 2"

The audio is so terribly abrasive. The mechanics feel sluggish and horrible. You barely move up the wall. It just feels bad. There's no player empowerment to make it fun.

The graphics are horrible. I'm a huge fan of pixel and voxel art styled games. But this was just ugly.

Also it's buggy. You use space to hold on or whatever but also space to restart when you die. So a few quick deaths and it bugs out. It played with the restart menu still up. Then just froze.

Also it was one of those games where the NG page stays completely blank while it's loading and then right as I click refresh it suddenly appears. I doubt that's your fault. But it was your choice to use Unity and there are different ways to compile projects and have the data stream and you chose one where it has to cache the entire file before the applet will even appear.

I didn't like your game, the first Abyss, that much but it was the exact same game here except far better in every way. At least, for sure, the handling was way better and the character was smaller relative to the field. Two factors that really hurt Abyss 2.5.

I liked Flip World more than either of these, though it wasn't without its slew of issues that should have been obvious to the programmer.

Mantis1 responds:

Yes, Flip World is better. I'm glad we can agree on that at least.

Sorry, but it's hard to take you seriously when all you do is attempt to aggravate people on the bbs. And if you were such a Unity expert you'd know that all Unity WebGL games suffer from that loading issue currently.

The game is okay, but it honestly seems kind of boring and less difficult compared to the original. I reached over 2000m, got bored, and killed the bird on purpose. The only incentive I have to go further would be for the medals (which I had completely forgotten about when I killed the bird). I think what made the original so good was that it put the player on edge, perhaps by making the lava rise quicker.

I also don't really understand the point of the other birds since they barely impede the player (and I don't think them making a pinball sound really matches with the game).

Still, it was a pretty cool game and I liked the other birds' designs and the abilities you gave them. I look forward to your next game.

I do have two questions though:
- What are those red flying thing that kill you if you touch them? Are they birds? If so, then shouldn't the fire bird also kill them since its description says it kills other birds.
- Who is the girl with the chainsaw suppose to be?

Mantis1 responds:

The lava speed in the original was actually slower if you can believe it! But you're right, the original was more engaging and so the player was on more of an edge.

My theory is that Abyss 2 plays better and is much more polished, but the original is *the better game* because it was very enigmatic. I didn't know how to make a game at the time, so I was coming up with stuff on the fly. The end result was something very unique. By comparison, the sequel is more safe, familiar, and commercial and I think that's what killed it. I consider Abyss 2 a lesson on how I should NOT make a game and I'm going to keep it in mind for the future.

For the pinball sound effect of the birds, I made it intentionally jarring to make it funny. See this:
It made me laugh, but I should have tested the actual potency of that joke with real players, unfortunately, it's hard to get play-testers for a free mobile game.

Thanks for your feedback! It certainly opened me on more stuff to think about!

As for your questions:
- They're actually bats with skulls. And logically yes, the fire bird *should* be able to kill them. Unfortunately, that would make the game too easy. I could have fixed it if I made the bats breathe fire or leave a poisonous substance, but too late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- The game was planned to have between 20-50 characters, not just birds. Other humans and even a dragon as protagonists. So I took the girl, Bunny, from another prototype game I was working on with the hope that I'll add more human characters later. But I stopped once I felt I added enough characters for an initial release.

This game is not bad. I played a few rounds and I think that it's fairly well designed. Reminds me of a certain game i played in an arcade at a movie theater back in the day :) Not bad :)

I played around 10 rounds of this with the default character, and think it's well-done, with only one issue.
I love the graphic art style and the sound design. I also think that this is perfect for the mobile platform; it lends itself to replayability quite well with the short play sessions. What program did your team use to compose the music?
As for the only problem I have, the game's general aesthetic seems to be retro, suggested by the music, graphics, and some of the sound effects. The glaring issue comes in with the sound effect played upon a bird-to-bird collision; it's an analog pinball machine bumper! While I realize that you're trying to convey that two objects bounce apart upon collision, the analog, realistic sound effect contrasts with the retro-style limitations. I suggest creating a new sound effect in your music composition program which conveys the bounce while adhering to the aesthetic. Try listening to the NES "Pinball" audio for inspiration. Otherwise, this game is excellent.
Thank you for creating this game, and I might just pay this a download on Android.

Mantis1 responds:

I think Genclops used Femitracker to compose the music. Then I went in and increased the pitch and tempo with Audacity! I also used SFXR to generate most sound effects.

When I was making the first game, my goal was to make a faithful remake with uniform pixel graphics and NES sounds, and you can play that! So for the sequel, I wanted to try something new and was inspired by Hotline Miami to ditch that faithfulness as long as it doesn't feel jarring. I was even planning to get another composer to remix the music and change all other sound effects. You are entitled to disagree, but I became happy with how the aesthetics turned out so I just released the game.

Neh, way too hard for me.

Mantis1 responds:

Sorry to hear that :(