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Reviews for "Arise 2"

Good but the music firstly hurt my ears.

For some reason the game is a little bit challenging. I recommend.

Once you get a hang on it, it's really fun!

i feel your pain with the unity webgl. for my one attempt i stuck an animated gif behind it to make people think something was happening haha :< game is cute, think i'll grab it for my phone.

Mantis1 responds:

Haha, so you're a game developer as well! Trust me, Unity WebGL has been significantly improved from even last month. Still, I hope Unity developers can improve the web preloader and build time.

Your games look cool by the way, I'm going to check some of them later!

That's odd. The medal I got for the 200 meters isn't showing up. I doubt you can ever win this game. I had no idea it would be this complicated. I mean, most of these obstacles look completely harmless! It's just a bunch of blocks.

I was still fascinated by the design. I even like the little bird guy here. It was hard to tell what was a hazard. Most of the time, I just stayed on one side. I was probably just lucky those times.

Mantis1 responds:

Newgrounds.io doesn't come with a visual notification when you receive a medal like the old API. But you actually have received that 200 meters medal, I can see it on your userpage.

Yeah, you are playing the game properly by staying on one side, don't worry about that. :)