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Peck Goes to School

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Watch the original: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/673103

We tried to make this in a month and then it took four!

^Hey we're selling the source file again! This time it comes with a TON of extra stuff, including another hour of us talking about how we made the movie! If you got the last peck bundle and you thought it was worth the money, this one's really gonna blow you away! Still just two dollars!!! That's less than an authentic jewish bagel!!!!!

If you like peck, go share this video with your friends! Nothing makes us work faster like those clickthroughs and viewcounts!! Or buy that thing I just told you about!!! Your choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I really enjoyed this. I'm sad that Peck got his legs broken, though lol.


So this was a nice little story you have here some fun visuals you have on this one I really liked what you have prepared here for us it was a fun video full of some exciting moments anyways keep up the good work

No changes needed it's fantastic


The animation was great, and the story was good too. But what the hell was that ending!?

Will there be a sequel, perhaps?

Peck its me back in elementary school

Olimar in highschool