Reviews for "Peck Goes to School"

i wasnt to fond of this story it looked good though

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that this took place a day before 9/11. Anyway the animation is definitely better than the first Peck, I think the audio also improved, and while I do agree that it is not as funny as the first, that does not mean in any way that it is bad. For what it lacks in comedy the coach more than made up for it with his sadisticness. It is hilarious though, why is coach in school? I also just love the expression on Coach's face when he breaks Peck's leg.

That was completely insane.

I feel somewhat depress. Totally the ending i was no expecting. I thought things would go right with Peck despite being an airhead. Anyways, i really love Peck and how he doesn't give a fuge. Reminds me of the baby from Rugrats. I hope there's a continue for this.. if it ends like this I'll just be more sad

I liked the first Peck cartoon a lot, but this kinda flopped. Peck seemed dead throughout the whole episode, and coach getting all the highlight for the abuse without any backstory was pretty lame. Still, I did enjoy the fluid animation and the great voice-acting.