Reviews for "Peck Goes to School"

There is a pecking order and peck is on the bottom. The leg brake at the end I was cringing waiting for it. Great job!

I totally love Peck and the Coach. It's a hilarious series! HOWEVER..that ending fucked me up, man.
Never have I been actually freaked out by anything I've watched on the internet, yet somehow, that...legitimately messed me up. I was like, stunned. Semi-grossed out. And then when nothing else came of it, I was even more freaked out. 4chan ain't got nothin' on that, apparently. Still, loved it...lol

I like the Animation, visuals and the Peck Coach animosity. I just didn't like this particular episode. The 1st Peck vid was so funny! I still would like to see more of the Peck Coach series! Keep on Keepin on!

Fantastic stuff, fuckin loved it.

Everything about what you guys put together is outstanding.