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Ron Inose

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Weeks passed by as the summer jams were going on. I hadn't been able to compete in the previous rounds, but time freed up which allowed me to try a round. The subject of this round sparked my intrest, so I started a concept which I then turned into a animatic. A lot of ladies would need to be drawn, so I asked HugoTendaz if he would be willing to collaborate with me. He ended up doing much more to help me bring this to life, which I wouldn't have been able to do without him.

Thanks to Saminat for doing the voice work, he has been busy during this round of the jam. Not only voicing in our entry, but also several others.

So here is the product of our labour. There were a few technical obstacles, but the overal experience was fun, challenging and rewarding. So you just might be seeing more collaberations from Hugo and I.

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That ending...lmao.

vote for 1000000

i voted 2

Heh,quite an interesting concept! Not sure if it was meant to be random or not,but either way,I like it. It doesn't have too much in it,it's simply done. It's A-OK in my book! :)

Plebs responds:

How improbable it might seem, nothing in this was random. in fact, the punchline will only land if you understand what was being implied.

Such pretty colouring! Loving the Jonny Bravoesque hair do.