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Reviews for "Ron Inose"

thought his name was "Ronnie Nose" for a second haha
silly pun sorry XD

Plebs responds:

That kinda works too, no prob :)

I'm a picky one; I rarely greatly appreciate something, so much that I had started doubting my sense of taste. The colours were vibrant, but moderately so, my eyes didn't set sight upon flashy, eye-murdering hues. The animation was fluid and consistent, supported by a well done design of the characters and background, though I felt it lacked a few minor things in the detail department. I found the music, although I don't fancy music in general, to fit the animation quite well and I dare say it put an emphasis on the main character's personality. As for the punch line, it's perfect, one of the rare works of art to make me laugh.

I hope you finish among the winners of this round and will wish you to break a leg.

Plebs responds:

After doing my research I concluded, that you're indeed capable of being critical. Which isn't at all a bad thing. I agree with you on the detail department. All I will say about the music is that it was oddly fitting. The final punchline originally had a 'because' included in it. It ended up being cut out, in this case I felt like less was more and it worked for the better imo.

I have broken my leg not too long ago, so I'm good but thanks. This was pretty much our only entry for the jam, so whether or not we end up high in the ranking this round wouldn't matter much. We did it for fun and added to that, in my case sheer convenience.

Fantastic job!

Plebs responds:

Hey thanks!

It auto corrected my other review as SynthSoda i meant to say "Your"

Plebs responds:

It's a compliment either way. I have been told that I'm looking very pale lately. It's nice to hear otherwise ;)

You're colors are amazing.