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Reviews for "Ron Inose"

Pretty damn great, i loved the character designs and the colors, very vibrant!
One thing i thought of was the punchline, it seemed to me that it was a little off...
Maybe a slightly more obvious correlation between the character in the ad and the boss' nose would've sufficed, something like a really juicy snort before he expressed his critique...just more emphasis on the viewer's assumption of what is about to happen, so that the contrast/punchline in the end ends up...bouncier!

All in all, pretty damn good and I await your future animations :)

Plebs responds:

It's funny you mention that. A similar idea had crossed my mind, but at that point any changes would've added to the workload which we already had enough of. Working with a deadline gets you that. Thanks for the review.

A DICK thank you for the TITS ehm I mean GREAT ART in this Animation. At start i found it HARD to believe it's what It is what I think it is. But then I saw it is in fact kinda like that what I thought it was. And I WOOD never thought about a story like that when I saw the beginning.

I got the pun. I hope you too

5/5 Stars
It was SATISFYING. If I can say so :D

Plebs responds:

Was this really necessary

Great animation. I liked the women in it.

Plebs responds:

I liked them too, it's what Hugo does best.

Funny, clever, and very creative. Overall very much liked it.

Great animation ;D
Vacuum cleaners lol