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People look different. Sometimes by a lot. You don't gotta like it, but you better get used to it!

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Very nice film

So this was a nice film here and you really captured the elements of real life the art and animation on this is pretty nice with some stylish out look some really great artwork too some detailed efforts and this film is full of energy I really liked what you have prepared here and hope you continue to present even more great films even more so nice job on this one this was pretty cool

Maybe some added effects on this one


You have no idea how many times I've made that same point when someone calls something "unnatural".

Dude, you totally forgot the renaissance.

Had worse embarrassment, when someone of my friend coworkers called my shirt old fashioned i made a terrible comeback comparing his Pink shirt with one long black stripe to a tongue, but they got the wrong idea and though i was describing a Vagina, everybody was confused and my boss was like "you should take a break for i a while champ"

I agree with this, You can't express yourself much when you're older you have to stop and settle down. Bought yourself some epic clothing and you're 35? Everyone gonna look at you and think it's too much. Can't grow out your hair can't spike your hair. It's pretty limited and lame that we have to do this for society.