Reviews for "TD-Appearances"

I like the tophat weirdo shaking with his "LEFT ARM" that happens to have a "RIGHT HAND" attached to the end of it.

That's the main point of this here story.

For my first Technical Dave movie I have to say it was really funny! I've always been a fan of that snapshot style of animation and of really stupid rants so it's like the best of both worlds, you know?

awesome work, you always make me think and laugh while doing it. Ending really got me too haha

Good work, first. And yeah, people do strange things to look unnatural. Humans have evolved a lot since the stone age. And appearance norms have too. I'd say your changes to yourself are the next step in cultural evolution, but hey really what ever makes you comfortable in your own skin is your business. Just don't be too surprised when doors slam in front of you because of narrow minded folk are not comfortable.

Loved that video! Dang it, you make so much awesome stuff.

This subject is really something I have at heart, and I really like the stance you take on it.