Reviews for "TD-Appearances"

oh my god!!! i fawking love your shit!!!! I totally agree!!!! who care what others think!! I can look as much as hippy as I want!!!!! Speaking of body modification, I should go and get mine done as soon as my funds are filled xD

Now I actually think about getting piercings again. I lost one after school because it fell out all the time^^"

Nice video and great job mate! Love your work

bounce all those phases imma say a kid and have a job at gamestop... yup :3

I liked it. I'm glad you don't listen to all the haters and trolls. You be you my friend. You be you.

Also the ending really made me laugh. :D Good job.

Childish and so dumb it is sad, can't believe that it's part of the TD series. all the other episodes are so cool, I don't understand... Who the f cares about your hair, dude ?