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TD-Kids and Money

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Kids are expected to figure it all out.
That's bullshit.
Let's talk about why it's bullshit.

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Nice narrative

So this was a nice narrative you have here very good element here and a nice viusalnhere of details here the idea is a good one and is a more serious one too you made a nice animation on top of that all so nice film here on this one

You should make more narrative animations like this in the future


Raziberry responds:

More? Dude, I've made so many since this one!

The other issue is that your degree needs to viable for the next several decades. I got a niche engineering degree that is already being technologucally streamlined so that demand for such workers is falling. The other side of the same shitty coin is that we're coming upon a new occupational revolution that regard service jobs. Many are poised to become automated in the next decade. Thats ALL the US has.

Student det means: I am paying someone (with money I don't have) to make me do some work in UNI (in my case photography in the arts)

basically... yea...
its a good excuse though, and it works... :O

Omg this is truth, I'm going to go vote for Bernie right now! What's that? I'm already in debt and about to graduate college with a business degree? I guess I'll vote for Trump then. No wonder everybody looks down on millenials, do-nothings are so pathetic.

Fucking amazing! I took the easy way out and decided to get shot at so I don't have to go into debt for college. It's like the Hunger Games where the survivors get to go to an institutionalized holding pen for 4 years for a piece of paper that says, "This fucking idiot will spend time doing unrelated shit for a paycheck."