Reviews for "TD-Kids and Money"

Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

Ow. Ow ! What is this pain I am feeling. I am ... completely relating to what you are saying here ! Yeah, that hurts my brain - a lot ! Good job !

Well you forgot the immigrant over in india that has a population of fucking trillion people and have a job for only a million and they are willing to steal jobs from us to be legally payed worse because ....they are illegal immigrant and have fear to be deport back to the country and be in a shit hole again.

Or the H1b1 visa shit that turn silicon valley into a total mess. Yeah If i had to blame anyone it would be religion why because in some country birth control is .....a sin so rapist and teen like to have fun sex create a milion babies for every one job opens up. Yeah we wonder why we get shitty customer service call in india instead of a us citizen that is getting paid correctly. Or that we give out huge benefit to immigrant more then we do to our own....Yeah soon it gonna be like we grow up to just move to another country because why corporate corruption wants us to live in debt while aliens in outerspace refuse to land here lol

I can't count the number of times I went broke buying drugs and video games...

So glad I graduated back in 2008 and am to ill to work. I don't need to worry about shit like this.