Reviews for "TD-Kids and Money"

fuggle muggins!

Raziberry responds:


Well damn, that was pretty fucking good.

Went into college with two-years of network engineering experience, a full ride from the A+ program and a metric shitload of scholarships. Was told I could test out of classes that were required for my degree (which I proceeded to do) only to be informed that even though I tested out of them, they didn't count towards my credit total. Then the fun began, with me having to take more gen-ed classes that my financial aid did not cover all to make up for the credit difference. Proceeded to drop out, get a-lot of shit from my older sister ("You're going to be a fast-food worker for the rest of your life?") and within one month of partying/job searching I'm making more than said sister (who has a four-year degree) climbing the ladder in a factory.

TLDR: If you know your shit, can budget, and don't want to pay money to take middle school English/American History again then don't go to college.

P.S. - Was/still not living with my parents, all about that budgeting like another reviewer said.

perfect perfect my thoughts and why i didn't go to college but i was stupid with money still and still a little broke well into my 20s.

Ow. Ow ! What is this pain I am feeling. I am ... completely relating to what you are saying here ! Yeah, that hurts my brain - a lot ! Good job !