Reviews for "TD-Kids and Money"

Short jist:
College is a joke, over inflated with burgeoning tuition rates that increase each fucking year.
Coupled with the fact student loans are next to impossible to escape in America, its a pointless endeavor and you'll be much better off either going to college to become a Doctor or some soul sucking demon-in-human skin called a lawyer. That's where the money is (and nightmares and mandatory overtime from hell and maybe death threats).
Save yourself some sanity learn to budget, and be disciplined enough to roll with the punches and make it work.

As an arguably intelligent adult, college was an enjoyable experience for me. Goofing around, acting like a fool, having loud (scholarly and slightly racist) debates over racial slurs and unrelated if necrophilia should be legal. I did two things I loved the most during college, learn new interesting shit, and be meself.
Granted I'm not in huge debt like other people since I went to community school and managed to weasel my way through with federal aid (tried applying for a few scholarships but I found them a huge was of my time).
Sad to say my high-school, a small rinky dink school, filled with cliches from hell stuck in the middle of a small town surrounded by corn fields that borders the Iowan/Nebraska border of the states prepared me more for life and a better job than my college career ever did.
Sad to say I blew about three years of my life, and ended up in a slightly sizable sum (though compared to others, I got off lucky.)
Instead I'm slowly learning discipline when it comes to spending money since I was taught to save, but never to budget. Budgeting and having the discipline not to impulse buy is a life saver. Literally makes life easier.
I have a love of programming so instead of getting bent over and screwed by college (like I previously was.) I've decided to take my education into my own hands and learn it. There's a lot of resources out there if you know where to look, but learn to budget and avoid the over-inflated balloon of higher education. Its a waste of your time unless your going in for something that is extremely important like medical school, or any branch of the legal system. at least then you'll be raking in the money in your sleep.

Seems like Louis CK wrote this script.

Liked it

Budged Dave you tought us a valuable lesson. Unless you don't live in a poor country where all jobs are shitty and college becomes more and more... mandatory (but it is most likely payed by the state)

Went into college with two-years of network engineering experience, a full ride from the A+ program and a metric shitload of scholarships. Was told I could test out of classes that were required for my degree (which I proceeded to do) only to be informed that even though I tested out of them, they didn't count towards my credit total. Then the fun began, with me having to take more gen-ed classes that my financial aid did not cover all to make up for the credit difference. Proceeded to drop out, get a-lot of shit from my older sister ("You're going to be a fast-food worker for the rest of your life?") and within one month of partying/job searching I'm making more than said sister (who has a four-year degree) climbing the ladder in a factory.

TLDR: If you know your shit, can budget, and don't want to pay money to take middle school English/American History again then don't go to college.

P.S. - Was/still not living with my parents, all about that budgeting like another reviewer said.

Thought for sure this would be about how some kids seem to have waaay too much money nowadays. :) Good advice though - as always with that contemplative, comical but somewhat serious narrative. Also looks like the illustration's much more detailed in this one! Looks good.