New Years Resolutions

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As usual, all animation and audio by me, Koit.

The song can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon plus all the other main digital audio retailers - search for koit.

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Nice work

And here is another nice job the animation is good you have some humor in this I must say on that aspect of things it was notbad but could be better was a bit bland on things at times but besides that you have some nice style here and your own music for this was pretty cool too you bring a unique style to the portal and make it fun and the humor while good could be much better as well anyways nice stuff here

Humor could be a bit better


Pros: you did your own song for this.
Cons: Humor was pretty basic.
Overall reaction: *sigh*

Although the sheep singing the "baa" part was more funny than the rest.

koit responds:

Thanks for the honest review. :)

Really neat animation! Your sense of humor's pretty great, but some of the things didn't really make sense as to why you'd start doing this and stop doing this, etc. Otherwise, really funny! Keep up the good work!

koit responds:

Thank you.

I know, it's a weird start/stop scenario - the guy's just strange !

this was pretty bland,
like, motion tweening stick men esc drawings to an ok song isn't anything too new or exciting. Personally i would figure out your style, its ok if you just wanna do simplistic stuff, but it feels like you aren't entirely comfortable with it yet. overall there were some scenes that were funny, but not enough for this to be front page.
id like to see what you make in the future, because you have an alright sense of humor and the potential to do some pretty cool stuff.

Hilariously fucked up as ever Koit.
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

koit responds:

Thanks mate and to you too.

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Dec 31, 2015
5:13 AM EST
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