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Reviews for "New Years Resolutions"

This was quite fun because it made me realize what my own resolutions should be! I should stop forgetting to turn the heat off. I should start...remembering to turn the heat on. It was just nice to have something that celebrated New Year's. The animation is quite good. I loved how unpredictable this was.

It didn't have as many bodily fluids as normal. I knew there'd be a turd or two in there. You have a pretty funny voice. I do wish you'd do more stuff with the Darth Vader cat. After all, there's a new Star Wars movie out.

koit responds:

There HAS to be a turd in there for it to be one of mine :)

Funny you should say that, CV4 has already been storyboarded.

Just when I needed it most, on one of the crappiest days in a while, here come Koit to sing a smile on my face. Fantastically out there. didn't know what to expect. I will start the New Year with a smile.

koit responds:

Hooray. Glad I could help !

what kind of fucked up person is this?

I guess he's not changing after all? :P Not sure all his old habits would be better than the new ones lmao, such a random mixture of resolutions! Gets me inspired to put up some more interesting goals for the New Year. Not like these, but eh... something inspiring! Like diving into a pile of snow each time it snows, or saying Hello to strangers who wear a certain color, or maybe wearing a superhero suit in secret hmm. It sets the thought train in motion, this one! I liked the superhero-in-reality twists in particular, morbid, but great! And not the same one for each hook either, like you would usually expect. Happy New Year! Looking forward to what greatness next year might bring!


koit responds:

He's a strange man to be sure !

That sounds like a nice set of ideals for the new year. Definitely do it, will be good for your overall wellbeing methinks.