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Author Comments

Made in 48 hours during Ludum Dare #34!

Ludum Darers: Don't forget to rate :D
Please keep in mind some things were tweaked for the Newgrounds version. For the most part, I fixed bugs with level generation and added the scoreboard and medals.

The game works with mouse too, if you don't want to use your keyboard.

The tutorial should cover the basics. See how far you can get!
Press M to mute. P to pause. Escape to pause and quit.

And remember... destroy "ALL" the seeds.

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great game
also i added one of your games on my website

Zanzlanz responds:

:O Why thanks! I love how they're all just blaring their audio on that page lol

The problem is this game is too much luck. And you might say it's skill but, I'm sorry it's mostly just luck to be honest.

There are many combinations where it is not possible not to lose a life. Get three such combos without picking up any lives? Game over. Heck, even going for that extra life right from the start, didn't miss a shot on that wall, still oftentimes not enough to break the wall, lose a life gain a life, then lose a second life on the next wall, net loss of 1 life.

So high score, and thereby medals, become a factor of almost entirely luck.

The thing if you make randomly generated level type games is making sure any combination it could give you, including any subsequent combination it would give you after that (chaining) are actually all possible. And I really don't believe they are, here.

Also it needs to play the same on all browsers, so if it's actually meant to play slower than it does for me or if he's meant to shoot faster than he does for me, that kind of thing would make a huge difference. And there would really be no way for me to know and for all I know it plays as it's supposed to, just entirely luck you don't get some impossible combination.

Zanzlanz responds:

Oops, I wrote a lot more than I thought xD I guess here are some design details!

If there is low framerate, it doesn't affect what happens or make it more or less possible. However there's no delta timestep correction, so it just affects how much reaction time you get (which is unfair, I'd say). I think this is because I have to render individual pixels instead of rectangles to make the game style, which can run slower on some computers.

As for the combinations, it actually counts the number of shots that are required to beat a section as you go along, which makes sure, albeit probably roughly, that it can never take more shots than you can possibly shoot to beat a section.

In general, over time it makes challenges longer, and has the shot number approach the maximum possible shots. It never surpasses the maximum shots though of course, because otherwise it would become impossible haha.

During the weekend when I made this, I configured it to make infinite challenges. I found that they are always possible unless I made small mistakes and missed the first couple of shots or something xD

Because of that, I think it is technically fair from that perspective.
What would be a real problem is that it can feel to players (such as yourself) that it is not fair, and that is a gameplay issue. To be successful, it should feel fair and fun.
That's mostly because I didn't manage to get all of the features into the game during the jam. I was going to have different types of challenges, power-ups, and different types of enemy behavior, which would have made the game more entertaining, and diverge the difficult into how you use resources or approach situations, rather than just utilizing every single bullet.
Plus the heart thing is super difficult and often results in you losing a life, which is annoying. But I didn't want to just hand out free hearts haha

Hope that cleared things up and was interesting at least ^^

Also you're only a little ways away from getting on the all-time scoreboard! Very nice score :)

PS thank you for the review! I appreciate feedback like this!

this game is good i like it but there are some glithch's sometimes it stops and put you next to the enemy but this game is good 9/10!!1

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks! Hmm, yeah I think I know what you're talking about. It might be due to a caching issue (maybe fonts?) that I was never able to discover. Sorry that it affects your game so much - usually it only happens for a couple frames for me :\

This one is your hardest, I've spent joy of time to get all tricks to unlock the medals! My record is 20934!

Zanzlanz responds:

Woah that is a fantastic high score! Congratulations again!
I've only had two score that were higher than that. Although unfortunately they don't show up in the all-time scoreboard :(

Hey i finally got all my medals and my high score and yes i reach the first place.

EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: That was a lie.

Zanzlanz responds:

Wooo! Awesome work! Thanks for playing :D