Reviews for "DESEEDER"

Addicting, Difficult, and the best of all MEDALS! Omaigad i cant resist to everytime u upload a new game sometimes they are simple but replayable u have too much skill definitely i vote this for ludum dare.

Ps:zanzlanz for president
Ps2:This must win :3

Zanzlanz responds:

Hahahaha, thanks so much man! I'm really glad you like it ^^!
I hope the other developers think it's good too! :D

OMG u r so great at what you do! Cuteness, progression, and so amazing you have high score & medals! So impressive! Great work not to mention, for within the LD 48 hr compo challenge! I'm going to play this more!

Zanzlanz responds:

Jenni! I can't thank you enough for your support and awesomeness! :D

The scoreboard and medals were added after the compo, but I definitely wouldn't have released without them - they make the game a LOT more replayable, in my opinion! :]

It's a simple idea with simple controls, yet it's so addicting! Great game.

Zanzlanz responds:

I didn't expect to get so many people calling it addicting!
Thank you very much. I love your username!

So... difficult! :O And addicting. :P Thought I wouldn't make it past the miniature medal for a while, but it seems your game design is always such that all you need is a little practice to figure out the strategy, or get into the rhythm of things, though since there is a random factor (I assume?) that final medal might be reserved only for the truly skilled; in addition lucky. Glad there is mouse support too, seems I'm much more used to such control in games like this, though it would've been nice if you didn't have to keep it pressed down to navigate. Overall, great game! Smooth, simple; with endless alternations!


Zanzlanz responds:

Hi Cyberdevil! Thanks for the awesome review! It does seem that randomness is a bit involved, although I tried to minimize this as much as possible by having it check itself for difficulty, resulting in easier sections after harder ones and vice versa. Nonetheless, heart boxes for example are quite unfair.

I like the mouse controls a lot more than the arrow keys, too. It doesn't fit the "two-button controls" theme, which is why I added it after the fact.

I now removed the requirement that the mouse button has to be down. I didn't like it either. :)

Hey Zanz! It's been a while since you've posted another awesome game! And what I can say about this game? Simply, awesome as well! :D

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey Japz :3 It has been a little while! I spent most of the year finishing the Mine Blocks port I guess, haha. Thank you!