Reviews for "DESEEDER"

It's got great color and sound, good retro feel. Its almost too hard at first which makes it difficult to get into which kind of spoils it for me to be perfectly honest.

Zanzlanz responds:

Surprisingly, it won 7th place for music, out of the 1232 games created that weekend for the competition! :O People are crazy! But I appreciate it ;)!

And hey man, hard games ftw! I understand though - It was honestly extremely hard to balance game's difficulty. I settled with something that became easier to master the more you played, but never got "too easy" for an experienced player. And I wanted it to be always possible to beat, which was a challenge in and of itself.

Unfortunately what it really came down to is that it's easier to play with mouse controls than arrow keys. Give it a shot if you want :D?

Very hard and good. I LOVE PIXELS!

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you! Glad you approve of the art style haha!
Also, great score :D

TL;DR Harder than it looks, but very fun. If you're a fan of Zanzlanz's work, definitely play this.

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Your purpose in this game is to survive as long as possible, shoot the seeds and don't crash into walls. You can shoot the thinner walls if you're not able to dodge them.
You start off with three hearts that represent your HP, and you're able to collect more if you survive long enough. The gameplay starts off fasts as is, but doesn't pick up the pace. it can be a positive and a negative thing. In my personal opinion, it would've been better if the game started slower, then got faster and faster.

You can't control the rate of fire, it's automatic - probably for the best.


Sweet, sweet, pixely goodness.
I especially like the detail of the plant that's chasing you.


This game, once you start playing, seems incredibly hard. After a few tries, the game is significantly easier, although it still offers a challenge.


Catchy and exciting, certainly one of my favourites.

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks for another great review Exodius7!
Difficulty was a challenge for me to balance in the game - I didn't want to make it boring and last forever, yet I didn't want it to be unfair and impossible.

tilted PIXELS are you MAD??? who DOES that!!!

Zanzlanz responds:

Us game devs have to do some CrAzY things to stand out these days!

I love endless games like this where you try to see how high your score can get. It has catchy music, colorful graphics and a great rumbling effect to add to the excitement of the game. The only small problem I have is that it doesn't seem to become more challenging as you progress, but other than that, it's a beautifully simple game!

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you for the kind review CavernDave! It gets minimally more difficult the more you progress - I had a hard time balancing the game play for sure, but I'm pretty happy with how hard it is in general I suppose.
Also, nice score! You were so close to that last medal, haha.