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A Matter of Caos: Episode 3

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Author Comments

Vote for us on "Steam Greenlight": http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542799874

‘Daphne, where are you?’

After so many dangers and meetings, Mister Gilbert is left with much more questions than before, and even less answers.

Now the truth is near! Force your way through dangerous cults, old relics and eventful jailbreaks to find out the truth: where is Daphne? Why did she disappear? What is going to happen in the dark and creepy city of Mavropolis?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Caos is not a mispelling. It's not 'chaos'. It's Caos. It's important.

**FOR ALL USERS**: Because the Unity WebGL compiler is still in a preview version, we can’t guarantee there won’t be technical issues (like the evident mouse glitches and some sounds problem). There is no more the possibility to upload a Unity Web Player version on Newgrounds, we hope to solve all the issues in the WebGL version as soon as possible!

If you are stuck here's the walkthrough: http://www.experagamestudio.it/games/matter-caos-walkthrough/#e3

Other games on Newgrounds: http://experagamestudio.newgrounds.com/follow

To examine an item, use the ‘examine’ button (the eye) in the left inferior corner of the background (or use the ‘E’ hotkey); to select and use an item click on the item, click again on the same item to deselect it (or use the ‘E’ hotkey).

You can also save the game anytime clicking on the “Save Game” button in the game menu.

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What about Bob?

ExperaGameStudio responds:

What about bob?

I get this message:''The browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating less memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.''

I got Packhard bell enTJ66
Dual core 2,30 Ghz, 2,92 GB of ram
windows xp sp3
Mozilla Firefox 47.0.1

Ps: I got amoc complete edition too, it was a pleasant surprise to see it wasn't too expensive:) but I still want to finish the newgrounds version.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Hello Esial and thanks for your feedback! :)

About the WebGL problem, it sometimes happen because this technology isn't really stable, yet. You can try to close your browser and reopen it, it sometimes works.

We hope you'll like our next games as well!
Cheers and keep having fun! :D

It was amazing! The solutions of the puzzles were very logical. Even at some points I felt like I was inside an action movie :) I agree that the final fight was kind of repetitive (since I had to start from the very beginning every time I failed). However, the sequence of steps still were quite logical. I would suggest you put a checkpoint in the middle of the fight in order not to repeat all over again. Lastly, I would like to point out that you made some grammar mistakes. I am either a native English speaker, so I do not really see it as a big problem, it is just to let you know.

Overall, great job and please keep making such immersive games!!!

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you so much! Your feedback is wonderful, you made us happy :D
About the final fight, we are now well aware of its problems, and you're totally right. Right now, we're developing a remastered edition for AMOC; there, we fixed the fight, giving it checkpoints, just as you suggest :)
About the grammar mistakes, that's another thing we know far too well :( We tried our best, but none of us are native English speaker, and this game's dialogues are pretty much a novel; for the remastered edition, however, we'll look for professional proof-reader, so... le'ts hope it could work! :)

Thank you again for such a great support, we're trying hard to make good videogames, and we won't stop working on our flaws EVER! :) Have a GREAT day and keep having fun!

This is one of the best videogame experiences i had in a long time. I really liked the characters, the story and the puzzles. The puzzles were not hard, but not easy at the same time. Aside from the review, may someone tell me the "Avoiding gangsters" song? I really liked it.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you very much! *_* It's great to read such a comment! We really tried our best, there, and was our first game. If you liked it, maybe you'd like to follow us: right now we're trying to make it through Steam Greenlight with another project, the 'A Tale of Caos' series - whic you can try for free here, BTW.
Let us know if you like it! :)

P.S. Presuming you were asking about the 'docks' theme, it is 'Rolling at 5'. by Kevin McLeod. :) Have a great day and keep having fun!

Great, as the episodes so far. I copy the error mentioned before with the "browser could not allocate .." error. Also, the music stopped. Worse, text messages on failing interactions between items (and/or screen) vanish within fractions of seconds. And lately, the save option or rather the continue option does not work for me on win7, Firefox 42.0. About the tedious fight scene, be encouraged to use pen and paper as in the early text adventures. I know, it breaks the point & click experience totally, but you will enjoy it (rather than outrage).

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Hello and thank you! The error "browser could not allocate..." it's a problem of the WebGL version of the game: often it will work after closing and reopening the browser or rebooting the system.

The failing interaction vanish immediatly when you move the mouse: we know it's a little bit uncomfortable and in fact we changed it in our other games. :)

For the save/continue options not working it's a strange error: if you're playing with Firefox your're probably using the Unity Web Player version of the game and maybe it could be some restrictive browser options that prevents the unity plugin to read and write data.

Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2015
11:48 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged October 24, 2015
  • Daily 5th Place October 24, 2015
  • Weekly 4th Place October 28, 2015