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Reviews for "A Matter of Caos: Episode 3"

I've really been enjoying the series so far, and this on is a great addition. The story is interesting and it is set in an interesting world. The grammatical errors really bugged me though, from lack of punctuation to sentences that just don't really make sense. With the text being a key part of this game, it something that really should be fixed. There were also various points the further I got where it seemed to just not fit in with the feel of the game. A good example is when the main character suddenly is thinking in all caps, or the painfully obvious Doctor Who reference just didn't feel right where it was, especially with it being the climax of the episode. The interactive fight, as one other person has already mentioned was really long and repetitive, and really disconnected me from the story.
Overall it was really fun and I've enjoyed the series thus far, and I am looking forward to playing the next one

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you for your great feedback! :) We know we made a lot of grammatical mistakes; we're looking for some help from native English speaker friends to fix that. In the future, we hope we'll gain enough budget to hire professional proof-reader to avoid more mistakes.
About the final fight, we know it's a little boring, it was kind of an experiment; we avoided such mistake in the last episode. It's our first game, and we still have much to learn.
We hope you'll like the ending despite all of our mistakes... let us know your opinion about it. :) Have a nice day and keep having fun!

A great series. Worth playing them all. Great story telling, not so great graphics - but you can't have everything.

Amazing scenario for an awesome series! Some solutions are sometimes a bit farfetched but Always quite believable :)

The cliffhanger like endings are also very well made :p

I really like everything the serie offered until now, but in this third episode the interactive fight bothered me a bit compared to the other episodes... it was longer, and didnt feel as natural, some solutions were just a "die and retry" process, which I didnt feel that much in the two last episodes, because not only were the fights just long enough, but also the solutions were less... uninstinctive?

All in all still an awesome game! Looking forward to the ending a lot :3

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you! We know that the third episode's fight is a little frustrating, it was like an experiment; we learnt the lession, from there, don't worry! We're glad you liked the game, anyway, let us know what you think of the ending chapter! Keep having fun!

Amazing ! Thank you for this wonderul series !

Very cool. I am TERRIBLE at mystery games, so I have not been able to figure out what to do so far.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

If you find yourself in trouble, don't feel ashamed of using our walkthrough; if you're still stuck, send us a PM telling us what you can't do, and we'll help you! :)