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Reviews for "A Matter of Caos: Episode 3"

I just can't find more words to describe how much I like this game and the potential of your other games, I already said about everything that I could think of. So, I ask you a question(I maybe already asked the question before) which genre of games are you planning to make besides Point'n Click?

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you very much for your words! *_*

About your question: we're now focusing on point 'n clik adventure (we're also preparing a Kickstarter campaign for a ne beg and more professional adventure of Mr. Gilbert).

Anyway we already tryied to develop some other genres but they need a lot more work and resources that we do not have right now (we released a beta version of a simple fantasy strategic game that need still a lot of work to become a good game).

Anyway if you are interested just follow us on our facebook or twitter pages.

Another great sequel. Now i'm really looking forward to the last part.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you very much. The next and last episode of the story will be released very soon on Newgrounds! :D

Amazing ! Thank you for this wonderul series !

Amazing scenario for an awesome series! Some solutions are sometimes a bit farfetched but Always quite believable :)

The cliffhanger like endings are also very well made :p

I really like everything the serie offered until now, but in this third episode the interactive fight bothered me a bit compared to the other episodes... it was longer, and didnt feel as natural, some solutions were just a "die and retry" process, which I didnt feel that much in the two last episodes, because not only were the fights just long enough, but also the solutions were less... uninstinctive?

All in all still an awesome game! Looking forward to the ending a lot :3

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you! We know that the third episode's fight is a little frustrating, it was like an experiment; we learnt the lession, from there, don't worry! We're glad you liked the game, anyway, let us know what you think of the ending chapter! Keep having fun!

This is one of the best videogame experiences i had in a long time. I really liked the characters, the story and the puzzles. The puzzles were not hard, but not easy at the same time. Aside from the review, may someone tell me the "Avoiding gangsters" song? I really liked it.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you very much! *_* It's great to read such a comment! We really tried our best, there, and was our first game. If you liked it, maybe you'd like to follow us: right now we're trying to make it through Steam Greenlight with another project, the 'A Tale of Caos' series - whic you can try for free here, BTW.
Let us know if you like it! :)

P.S. Presuming you were asking about the 'docks' theme, it is 'Rolling at 5'. by Kevin McLeod. :) Have a great day and keep having fun!