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Kakarot!-DBZ Broly Parody

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Attack the Titan 5 Points

Find the Giant Titan before his dimise

False Hero 5 Points

Find that Goku Impersonator

Mr. Green hat 5 Points

Find Nintendo's whipping boy.

Off to a funny start 5 Points

Interact with the start button

Rubber Artist 5 Points

Click on Monkey D. Luffy

Someonehelp Usagi! 5 Points

Click SailorMoon, it might help....or not.

Thanks for Watching 5 Points

Watch the entire cartoon

Tweet,Tweet 5 Points

Well, the creator has a twitter.......

Vocaloid 5 Points

Find the blue-haired beauty

What's up Doc? 5 Points

Watch Bugs Bunny

Anime Fight!!! 10 Points

Watch Kon fight a yellow mouse

Believe It! 10 Points

Find Naruto Uzumaki

Bleached Advertising 10 Points

Find Kon

Fist of the what!?! 10 Points

Find Bo-bo-bo

Got some Fairy Tail? 10 Points

Find Natsu Dragneel

Group photo 10 Points

Find one of the greatest Anime crossovers ever!

I choose YOU! 10 Points

Find the Most popular pokemon.

It's-a Me! 10 Points

Find Nintendo's Mascot

Logo Promo 10 Points

Find the Soul Eater Logo

Please don't eat my soul 10 Points

Find Death the Kid

Pop Tart Cat 10 Points

Find Nyan Cat

Screw you, Hercule Satan! 10 Points

Find Goku's trophy

She's a gonner 10 Points

Click Lucy's Grave

Thanks Newgrounds 10 Points

Find the Newgrounds Tankman

What are Those!?! 10 Points

Find Sonic The Hedgehog's shoes

Deez Nuts 25 Points

Withstand a childish joke(if you can)

Father and Son 25 Points

Find Gohan and Goku's picture

Poke 25 Points

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Question? 25 Points

Find a box from world 1-1

Stinky Girl 25 Points

Find the Female with Flatulence

Youtube Boobtube 25 Points

Check out Lax's channel

Cr...eeepy Pasta 50 Points

Find Slenderman

Knowledge is power 50 Points

Learn about the Author

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Here's an interactive Anime Parody featuring Everyone's Favorite Ledendary Psychotic Super Saiyan! Watch Broly attack other Anime Characters, and be on the lookout for achievements and easter eggs throughout the cartoon.( Look for other characters,memes, or objects that may seem out of place.)
Watch and Enjoy! -Lax Syndicate

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THATS RIGHT you got this broly goku nappa and vegeta there all awesome