Reviews for "Kakarot!-DBZ Broly Parody"

Perfect MIX xD

Broly does tend to get overexcited.

Great job! I loved everything about this!

SuperLME responds:

Thank you for the feedback. Lets be friends. :)

A great DBZ and anime parody film. The clicking for medals was a little distracting , maybe offer more time to click next time?

The medals work, and I earned them all.

SuperLME responds:

Why, thank you. :)


SuperLME responds:

Glad to make you smile. :)

-The creator, Lax

Good game. I liked the "carrot kakarot"

SuperLME responds:

I wondered if anyone was going to get the joke. Thanks. I have artwork on my profile up to be viewed, give em' a look.