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Requires Google Chrome to play!

Cartesian is a unique puzzle-platformer with lasers as its core mechanic. Use lasers to reflect, push, destroy, and more as you search for your lost crew-mates. Dozens of interesting mechanics are introduced through over 70 varied levels. It's easy to understand, difficult to master. Do you have the skills to solve Cartesian's challenges?

Shoot laser - Left mouse button
Shoot preview laser - Right mouse button
Movement - WASD / arrow keys
Jump - Space / W / Up
Skip text - S / Down
Toggle fullscreen modes - F10

Cartesian is created by Betashark. Programming, design, etc. by Mark Radocy. Music by Will TK.

EDIT 10/4/15: The soundtrack is now available in the Audio Portal and can be found to the left.

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I finished it after 3h playing and I'm sad that its over!

This game is just great! The level design, the bosses, the mechanics - it works fluently!

I'm amazed!

To be serious, I never played it before, because the graphic was so terrible.

But man, now after I gave it a chance I'm in love!

5/5 Stars, never had so much fun playing a game on newgrounds! :D

great game design, interesting mechanics, the only thing i would change is the graphics.

Great game, the music is amazing and fits the game well, and the gameplay is fun yet challenging, well done!

Reminds me Thetrobot. Graphycal design could be better a bit.

A masterwork of puzzle design. The mechanics are discoverable and intuitive (even the false floors), and each of the puzzles is completely logical once you work out the solution -- which can take some time. Just because they're logical doesn't mean they're obvious. Unlike so many games, though, I never felt any desire to consult a walkthrough, because I always knew the solution was there to be found from the information given. The gameplay was addictive, the game neither felt too short nor too long, and I'll probably enjoy the music for some time to come.

The only thing that annoyed me was the teasing with the power chip at the end. I'd assumed the reason you had to run from Evri the first time was because you didn't have the power chip and needed it to hurt him, so I tried to get that chip over and over again even after I figured out you could go forward without it.

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2015
8:08 PM EDT

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