Reviews for "Cartesian"

game doesn't work properly.

I agree with others that it could use a suicide button so you can restart a level if you get stuck, and I ran into issues with level 67 falling down through the blue door at the very beginning half the time so I'm stuck in the little pit underneath with no way out aside from Esc - Quit - Level Select. But it's a minor complaint that shouldn't overshadow the game's awesome puzzle design and (afaik) novel mechanics; it was challenging enough to make you feel somewhat clever to have been able to make it through.

This game is very good and definitely deserves more attention. It is challenging in a fair way (you don't have to die to learn how to complete the level if you use the test laser first. The only battles you'd have to do over are maybe the boss battles). There's a lot I want to commend you on:
- The puzzle set ups were good and very challenging as well. When I solved one, I felt that feeling of "Yes! I did it". A lot of games don't make you feel that because they are unfair so the victory feels meaningless, because the levels are too easy, or because they are too short (there are probably other reasons, but I can't think of many now).
- The way the levels were present helped you learn mechanics before putting you in danger, like the way you had to go by the blue laser eye after you got the color change, showing you that the changed color protected you from those of the same color OR when the player falls through what we learned were solid blocks, showing that not all the blocks are solid and can be walked through OR when you put a laser in the room after the latter to show that your laser can help you identify false blocks. The game doesn't always do this, but you drop subtle hints every now to assist the player while not making the player feel stupid by holding their hand, frustrated by getting killed by something they couldn't have know, or bored by having to go through a tutorial, which is good game design.
- Throughout the game, you continued to introduce new objects and mechanics (even the last boss had the interesting way of defeating him).
- The game is long, which does mean a lot to a player. A lot of flash games end within 10 minutes of playing them (unless they are endless runners, but these get boring quickly). You managed to pack a lot of stuff into this game without making it boring.
- I liked how you kept with the theme of refraction for the bosses. You even made it more challenging with the same boss by making small changes to future mechanics the level and boss used.
- this is a small point, but I like the sound that is made when Sibro is damaged. It reminds me of old school computer game sound effects.

As for drawbacks:
- There really needs to be a reset button. Although a quick death is sometimes only a few steps away, this isn't always the case and having to go back to the entrance to reset the level is a little bothersome.
- The screen scrolling needs work. It refused to scroll up for me sometimes and the fact that I had to keep moving the mouse to scroll up so I could see where I was aiming before I shot the laser did get kind of old. Perhaps make it so you can also scroll the screen with the arrow keys.
- Some of the solutions to the puzzle require EXTREMELY specific laser placement, to the point where only edges of the spheres are being touched. I understand that you don't want to allow for the player to stumble upon an easy solution you overlooked, but this goes a little too far in some puzzles because one slight movement of the mouse and the laser will hit the player (even the laser guided system doesn't solve this as just going from the left to right mouse button could shift it. Also, it is extra hard when you are using a track pad). Basically, the target shouldn't be so small or the laser should have such a high chance of coming back and hitting the player.
- I can see influences from the Portal series here. This isn't actually a bad thing, but I felt like pointing it out as the plot does resemble it.
- For the last boss, it seems like the line up for the last hit is kind of random (the boss may take a long time to go over the red block). Also, the boss' hand often times blocked me from doing this last shot, but it is possible.
- Sibro may have been a little too simple in design in my opinion.

There may be more things I forgot to mention, but it is late and I wanted to to let you know how well you did with this. Great job! If this is your first game then I expect great things from you (but don't put pressure on yourself. Just keep improving yourself and it swill come naturally). Let me know if you ever need a tester, voice actor, or level designer (I've always wanted to help out with great projects like these and I do have experience in these areas). I wish you the best of luck in your future of game design!

th3shark responds:

Thanks for the thorough review! This feedback means a lot to me as I do try to make the best game I can. While developing I focused on level design the most, but it appears I should also put more effort into aesthetics and features. Your review was eye-opening and encouraging and that makes me feel great.

Not my first game, just my first completed game that's any good. A bunch of game jams and failed projects came before this.

liked it nice original game.

this could be really good with a little work. as it is, i think too much of the puzzles rely on dying over and over again until you understand that particular level, whereas i think a more gradual learning curve might be a better route. i think a lot of the puzzles are best solved by fully analyzing the networks of mirrors/enemies, and that's a cool idea but it would be much better if only we had a way of zooming out. there is a lot of basic geometry implicit in this game, but that stuff is very hard to predict when we cant see the whole level. the blocks and actors are big enough that i think the game would be better off if we could see 2-3x as much at a time as we can see now. i think i could bring up "N" as a good example. the graphics dont need to be complex, and they really arent too complex as they are here. we can still get through all these puzzles without seeing the entire level all at once, but i think it'd be a lot more fun if we could see a bit more.