Reviews for "Cartesian"

I agree with others that it could use a suicide button so you can restart a level if you get stuck, and I ran into issues with level 67 falling down through the blue door at the very beginning half the time so I'm stuck in the little pit underneath with no way out aside from Esc - Quit - Level Select. But it's a minor complaint that shouldn't overshadow the game's awesome puzzle design and (afaik) novel mechanics; it was challenging enough to make you feel somewhat clever to have been able to make it through.

This was very good, but holy shit it was glitchy, a lot of times I would glitch trough jumping platforms and such, and, like other review pointed out, on level 67 you can get stuck by glitching trough the blue door, the only way to avoid is to jump when you are about to hit it.
Either way, I had a lot of fun.

the load the game is so long

Reminds me Thetrobot. Graphycal design could be better a bit.

great game design, interesting mechanics, the only thing i would change is the graphics.