Reviews for "Cartesian"

the load the game is so long

Unplayable, on Safari at least. The ground, walls, and other objects disappear midplay.

Very interesting game, kept me hooked until completion. Good use of "multi color laser reflect" mechanisms. Bad thing I got here midnight local time, started playing... Oh ****, there goes my circadian rhythm :(

This was very good, but holy shit it was glitchy, a lot of times I would glitch trough jumping platforms and such, and, like other review pointed out, on level 67 you can get stuck by glitching trough the blue door, the only way to avoid is to jump when you are about to hit it.
Either way, I had a lot of fun.

This is a fun and challenging game. The only thing I don't like about this game is the final battle. The final battle takes all of the games physics and throws it out the window, making you die from nothing alot.