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DRAMATIC DEATH: Animation Compilation!

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Participants were invited to animate a 'Dramatic Death' within the span of 60 frames (2 seconds!) - This is the result (with OVER 300 ENTRIES!)

Check out the Winners and Showcase:

Big thanks to all the wonderful talented animators who entered!

WIP: Will update with a playlist leading to all public original uploads by the animators! Also waiting on participatns to accept project invites but wanted to launch this immediately with the YouTube video to bring people here :)

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The drama and atmosphere is amazing.

How did you animate these so well

The realism of the student loan dramatic death animation was too on point, awesome job to all the people who participated as well. I love posting when it is one year later XD

There was good art, there were good animations and there were good ideas. Unfortunately, it was just a bunch of unrelated animations mashed together in an unappealing way. It made it boring to watch and it lost my attention quickly.