Reviews for "DRAMATIC DEATH: Animation Compilation!"

i'm so sad i can't participate this time but i hope do the next time :')
( 2 second is too short to do some dramatic thing :c )
I swear win for the second animation challenge (._.)/

Some of 'em are nice but, I don't get how the hanging suicides are dramatic :^) maybe if they were squirmming around uncontrollably for a hella long time but- this is 2 seconds so it was just, rope to neck - suddenly dead

a lot were nice but I have to put a low rating just for the hideous suicides

Pretty funny and a fun idea overall! I giggled for a few of these.

However, whoever animated the segment on 1:47-1:48 blatantly traced frames Bullet Age blog. For shame.

6:02 Hitman (Agent) confirmed :D

Waw, Thank you again Jazza, still can't believe I won ! So much outstanding entries ! Congratulations to all the participants !