Reviews for "DRAMATIC DEATH: Animation Compilation!"

Anyway, some of these animations looked great. I fully support whoever did them,
...Get it?

How unexcpected
I really dont like this as much as I thought
sorry but its a little to corny

I was so impressed by this! I just had no idea what would happen next. It's probably the longest death compilation I've ever seen. Trust me, I've seen some of those. It's just amazing how you all came together. It's sad that I don't know most of the people involved in this.

At least this won Daily 2nd Place. All I can do is just try to remember everything. It was great to see Larry again. You really should continue that series here! The one with the apple was brilliant too. It's just a relentless gorefest!

Ha! This looks like it was a lot of fun! :)

That was free